Truro Acupuncture
Candy McLeavyLic.Ac.M.B.Ac.C


Treatable Conditions

The range of conditions that are proven to respond to acupuncture & which are approved by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Evidence) is growing. Visit the British Acupuncture Council web site for further information.

Women’s Health & Fertility

Acupuncture is recommended by many fertility clinics and used by several maternity units around the country. It can provide support through times of transition in a woman’s life as well as dealing with specific problems. Please contact Candy for advice about your own particular situation.

Good health – living life to the full

Many people are seeking to avoid illness and are interested in maintaining good health. Candy uses her considerable experience of acupuncture, massage & acupressure to combat the physical and emotional tensions that can occur in day to day life. Seasonal treatments can help to build up strength & energy.