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From the Patients Point of View

I have received many positive letters from patients who have been helped by acupuncture.
Here are extracts from two of these:
Patient, male, now 80+
During early 2000 I was having a lot of discomfort from my right knee, probably the legacy of a skiing accident I had in my youth. It got to the state where I couldn't bend my other knee properly, it became agony to sit for any length of time, walk downhill and drive the car. In October 2000 I had an arthroscopy operation. This relieved the pain for a while but by mid 2001 the orthopaedic surgeon had recommended I be fitted with a new knee. The NHS couldn't undertake this for a least 9 months. Meanwhile, to alleviate the pain I started a course of acupuncture with Candy. The relief was immediate and, after several sessions over a period of 3-4 months, I became mobile again. The orthopaedic surgeon was so astonished that he decided to take up the art of acupuncture for himself!
T.F. St Mawes.

This patient still receives occasional treatment for his knee and other aches and pains. He hasn't had to have the knee joint replaced yet!

"I think acupuncture helped me through my 2nd IVF cycle. After every session I felt so much more relaxed, happy and positive. The 2 cycles of IVF were very different. The first one I did without seeking Acupuncture and I felt very negative and uptight. For the second a friend had recommended Candy and after just the 1st session I felt a difference in myself and my attitude towards the up and coming cycle. This time it resulted in me becoming pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. I believe Acupuncture got me through my IVF and I'm very grateful".

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