Truro Acupuncture
Candy McLeavyLic.Ac.M.B.Ac.C

Reception & Enquiries:
Teylu House,
Tabernacle Street,
Truro TR1 2EJ

Head, Neck & Shoulder Treatment

A hands on massage treatment (through clothing) that draws on a range of approaches including holistic massage, head massage & acupressure.
A half hour session aims to:

  • relax & relieve tense neck & shoulder muscles
  • soothe headaches, eye strain & congested sinuses
  • release strains brought on by excessive computer use, driving & lifting
A great tonic if you need to unwind from the strains & stresses of a busy life. If you are uncertain of experiencing acupuncture, this is a needle free way to benefit from Candy’s experience.
Cost £30 for a half hour treatment.

Candy McLeavy portrait